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I have had enough. Retards... would you kindly leave the institution of education?

Bomb threats... I think it's funny that nobody said anything about the one on Friday. They've become so commonplace that we can't all rush home to see who can update about the threat first? How far down the shitter have we come as a school? This is fucking amazing. I can't comprehend how retarded you'd have to be to do such things. I ask that if anybody in this community is a friend of somebody who can't read, you ditch them immediately. Don't be friends with losers, and there will be no losers--they'll all kill themselves. Why are people friends with morons? How low must one's standards be to be friends with a person like Amber Haney?

Oh? You think it wasn't her? Think she's innocent?! Not like I'd know, but personally, they could find her guilty of murder and execute her and I wouldn't give the situation a second thought. The truth is: people who can't survive with comfort in high school don't have a chance in hell in the real world. Drop what you're doing and commit suicide now if you can't handle school, or drop out, get a job as a burger flipper, and cook me some food. A dropout's highest honor in life is to serve me food at fast food joints; to clean up my trash. Dropout's like Amber will be intensely pleased when I throw food into a dump for them to discover. It will be their next meal. To me, it was just a slimy piece of trash. Have fun eating my garbage you fucking dropouts. Have fun being cool for the two years of your life when everybody you know is still around for you to boast to. Yeah. Dropout for two years of pleasure and sacrifice the rest of your life—nice trade, retard. Your friends will all go to college. Enjoy getting AIDS and depending on MY charity—except I don't believe in charity.

I quote Andrew Carnegie, author of the essay The Gospel of Wealth, which is fucking ABOUT charity. "Thos who administer wisely must, indeed, be wise; for one of the most serious obstacles to the improvement of our race is indiscriminate charity." I love this quote. It disproves the need for charity all together. Is it charity if you do things for the benefit of your society? No. Therefore, it is not charity to build a library, or give money to a school. It is charity to feed a diseased thug off the street (Amber, for example). Charity, because it is indiscriminate; and it is done for no personal gain. This indiscriminate charity will only harm society though. Feed food to stray dogs and they come back. Eventually, the miserable rodents need to die, and get out of our way. People need to stop putting coins in the cans of the hobo. The empty can rattles the most... I wish the cans were empty. Then the fucking hobos, many of whom became hobos through self-destruction, will die off.

Am I evil? No. I am the most non-evil person in this whole community, as far as I can tell. I don't damn society and call it charity. I (when I gain the means) will benefit society through benefiting myself. This is what everyone should do if they care for society, or at least, for themselves. How can you not care for yourself? You'd have to be a creature even less than an animal to not care for yourself.

Bottom line: dropout of school, you assholes, and get AIDs and die so that when your halfway-respectable classmates leave college they won't have to give your pan handling ass the cold shoulder.

Fuck. I just wasted my time.

Amber wrote the threat, and was angry that, a day later, nobody reported it. She went to Mr. Himebaugh and reported the threat she wrote herself! Fucking amazing.
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