Jesse "Xavier" Raines (Lint) (gallbladder) wrote in anderson_kids,
Jesse "Xavier" Raines (Lint)



You are banned... because you are all the same person. It seems you weren't trying very hard to avoid being caught.

And to the rest of you....

This is only making my tolerance of your immature behavior wear thinner. But then again, what can I expect from high school students? Some of you complain about people being immature and stupid when half of you are like that yourself. It is sad. It really is. You may think it is funny, but it isn't. It is obnoxious and the only one laughing is you and anyone else who belongs at Nagel. Seriously. All of you. Grow up. This isn't a game. You have me turning into some kind of intolerant authority figure... If you want to act like a 7th grade kid fresh into Nagel, then go ahead. Make your own community. But stay out of this community. You are not welcome here. If you can't respect the rules, then I will not respect your right to post here. You have abused that right. Many of you have gotten off easy.

If this goes on, this will be an entry moderated journal... Meaning I must approve of each entry before it is posted.

For anyone who has not contributed to this, I am sorry. But some people just can't handle not pissing people off.
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